how to change youtube channel name

Effective & actual way to Change Your Youtube Name

Youtube is one of the leading online streaming multimedia app designed and developed by the Google. It has a wide collection of videos and enveloped most of the fields. You can add your own videos, can configure your account, but to perform such action you need to sign-in with the Google account.

Youtube offers excellent features and one of such is changing the channel name. Now you may wonder, as “How To Change Youtube Channel Name”. The process is pretty simple, you can execute the same from any device. If you are using an iPhone then, just follow the steps mentioned below.

Get Process to Change your Youtube Name

From your device, open Youtube. Make sure you are signed-in with the Google Account if done then tap on “Account” section. From the ‘Account’ section, tap on “My channels”. Now go to the “Setting” by tapping on the right end corner of the channel page. From the ‘Setting’ bar, tap on “Edit”. Now enter your channel name and then tap “OK”.

Do remember, You tube offers only 3 changes for 90 days, means you can edit the channel, once in a month.

youtube channel name

How to Change Name of Youtube Channel – iPad Mini

If you are using an iPad Mini device and accessing Youtube from the same, then you can also Change your Youtube Channel Name through this device. To perform such kind of action, follow the simple procedure. Open Youtube from your iPad Mini and then tap on Youtube. Before moving to further process, make sure that you are signed-in with the Google account. If you are done, then tap on the “Account’. From the ‘Account’ bar, tap on “Channel icon”. Now move to the “Setting” section located at the right corner of the Channel page. Once you have entered in the Setting section, the next move is to find out the “Edit” section and then tap on the same. Now you can make changes in the Youtube Channel, enter your desired name in the field provided and then tap on “OK”.

Youtube believes in customer satisfaction and hence always provide the services as per the users need and demand. The services offered by the same is excellent and due to this is it highly admired by the users.

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