How to publish app on google play

Effectual process for how to publish android app in google play store

Google play store is the most widely used in the world of android apps. It provide a platform for advertising, selling, distributing and analyzing the sales of Android application. Google play is the simplest way to reach million of potential users. For publishing your app in Google play store you need to create a developer account. To create an account you need to register once and have to pay 25$ USD. You are required to sign in all application with a cryptographic key. You can publish 100 MB size apk on Google play store.

how to upload my app in google play store

To upload an app in Google play store you need to first create an app. To create an app firstly go to the play console section and then select all applications. Now you have to click on create application and then select a default language using the drop down menu. After this add a title for your app and create your app’s store listing. Now you have to take the content rating questionnaire and set up pricing and distribution. After the creation of your app you have know how to publish app on google play. In the next section we mention a process to publish your app on Google play store.

You can publish your app from visual studio by using Xamarin Android 7.0. It is an integrated workflow and you should use the current version of it. Before using this integrated workflow you must have upload one APK. After this login into your developer account to create a new project. Now you have to create an OAuth Client which authenticate your account. After this enter the resulting client ID and secret into Visual you have to register your account with Visual Studio. Now sign your new created app with your certificate and then publish your signed app to Google Play.

How to publish app on google play

This is the process which explains you how to publish app on play store. After this process you have to distribute your app through distribution channel. You should add a privacy policy to your app store which help provide transparency about product and how you treat sensitive user and device data. You can also promote your app on Google play store by using promotional assets. Google allow you to submit promotional assets such as graphics, videos and screenshots.

If you are facing any problem to publish your app in Google play then you can contact to Google Customer Service team for help. They will support you in creating promotional assets, distribution of your app, creating a certificate, setting privacy policy and many more. You can contact our team any time.  We have a team of professionals who are always available to help you. They will provide you telephonic support to guide you.


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