How to create a group in outlook

Create Distribution list from contact group in Outlook

Outlook is the webmail service offered by the Microsoft. It allows the users to send or receive emails. If you want to send emails to multiple contacts, then you can use Group Email features from the Outlook. With the use of Group email, you can send an email to all by a single click, you don’t have to select the individual from the list to send the email, hence it reduces the times and effort.

Here you will come to know How to Create a Group Email List in Outlook. The procedure is very simple. Just follow the same and create a list as per your need.

How to Create a Group Email List in Outlook? Get an Expert Solution

Create a Group in Outlook Follow an Easy Procedure

Open Outlook from your computer and then click “People” on the Navigation Bar.

After that, you will be directed to “My Contact”, under the same, click on “Home” and then click on “New Contact Group”. Create the name for the Group and enter the same in the “Name Box” section. Thereafter, click on the “Add Members”, a contact list will appear and select the contacts as per your need and finally click on “Save and Close”.

Now you can send the email to the newly created group and for the same, click on “Home” and then go to the “New Email”. In the New Email bar, click “To”, after that a Search box page will appear and select the group you have newly created and then click “OK”.

The group feature is really very helpful, you can create multiple group list and can send an email to the entire group members at a time, hence it saves the time and made the work optimized. So, follow the above-mentioned procedure to enjoy the features of Group List in Outlook.

Microsoft believes in customer satisfaction and for the same, Technical support plays a key role. The techie resolves the issues in an effective manner within a short span of time. The technical team uses advanced tools and techniques to give the best solution to any issue. The services offered by them are quite unique and hence allow the users to enjoy the full feathered features of Microsoft.

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