How to publish/submit an app to apple store

How To Submit Your App To the Apple Store

Once you completed your work on iOS application and you want to submit it to Apple’s App store. Now you must be thinking is submitting an application as simple as sending Apple your application’s binary. But it’s not like that; you might find difficulty due to less technical knowledge and experience. Actually experienced iOS developers also face issue in submitting an application to the App Store. But don’t worry here we are sharing how to publish an app to apple store-

submit app to apple store

1. Get start : Register as an Apple developer, If you already have a developer account with Apple, just skip this step. Click Create Apple ID, Enter all your email, password and security question and a captcha prompt, then click Continue. After that verify your email address to create your new Apple ID, Next agree to legal agreement and then click Submit.

2. Join the developer program : After logged in; click the Join the Apple Developer Program, Now click Enroll, Choose whether you want to enrollment as an Individual or as a Company, Next click Start Your Enrolment, If you do choose to enroll as a company, Select Individual / Sole Proprietor / Single Person Business, click Continue, now OK the license agreement, then click Continue, Now Review your information and click Continue. if you want to avail Automatic Renewal, then click Purchase. Next Use your newly created Apple ID  to log-in again, Now fill-up the Delivery and Pickup options and your Payment details, Now agree to the Terms & Conditions and then click Continue. Afterwards you will be getting a thank you screen.

3. Log-in your panel : Go to the Developer Center and sign in, Now Just click the Certificates, IDs & Profiles link or click on the gear icon. Then click on the + in the upper right. select iOS App Development as the certificate type, click Continue at the bottom,  Now choose Keychain Access/Certificate Assistant/Request a Certificate From a Certificate Authority. Fill in your email address and name, choose Save to disk and click Continue.

4. Registering Device :  click Devices\All and then on the right, +: Select Copy to copy the UDID to your clipboard. Now paste the UDID into the appropriate field and click Continue, Click Register

5. Creating APP ID : click Identifiers\App IDs to create an App ID, Fill out the description, Select Explicit app ID and Click Continue, Provisioning profile, Provisioning Profiles\All. Choose ios App Development, then click Continue. Select an App ID for this new profile and Click Continue. Now click the App Store button, then click Continue. This is the process to submit app to Apple store. Still you face issue it’s not uncommon to fail. you can also contact to expert technician, they will help you in fixing the issues and also increment the version number.

Informative helpline no’s : 1-(855)-550-2552 toll free

Source : Apple Store Customer Service


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