Microsoft office not responding when printing

Simple things that you have to do in order to deal with the issue of the printing in word

Printing is not a tough task if you consider some basic important things while printing. So if you are using a printer and now all of a sudden you start facing the issue that while printing the microsoft office not responding then in that case you need not have to panic at all since in this article the easy process to resolve this issue is given:-

microsoft office not responding

Following instructions to clear an issue like Microsoft office not responding

  • If you are facing the issue that MS office not responding while printing then you have to try some hacks to resolve it such as first of all see that the word that the office that you are using is up to date and its not outdated.

  • Since the updates also creates the issue many times so be careful about them, and then also if the issue persist then you have to move ahead.

  • The first thing that you have to try is to disable the add-ins with the easy fix tool that is made available by the microsoft.

  • After that you can also try few more things such as disabling the add-ins manually, we add them to increase the productivity or help us.

  • But most of the time it has been noticed that they start creating problems for you so be careful with them.

  • One more thing that you can do is to repair the office that you are using, this will definitely help you out in all possible ways.

Just in case doing all written above also does not solve the issue of ms office not responding when printing then get in touch with techies of company.

Recommended source : Microsoft word not responding

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