how to scan from hp printer to mac yosemite computer wirelessly

Technological revolution has transformed the world in unparalleled way. Modern Human development story cannot be underpin until we highlight the role of Printer. In today’s modern lifestyle printer play a crucial role in our regions whether offices, homes, educational as well as major government institution. Printer has radically transformed our lives and act as great medium of communication between our both world i.e. digital and physical world. It still forms the backbone of communication between the different department of office spaces. A printer is a device which allow text and graphic output from a computer and completely transfer the information from computer machine to paper. One such name that has known for its excellent printer device is HP .

how to scan from hp printer to mac

Hp printer is one of the leading printing devices making company in the world. It is made by one of technological giants which make personal computer as well as various computer device like data storage device, servers and network switches as well as routing devices. It’s widely known for its quality of their hardware device. Despite its quality of service, New user do faces many technical difficulties and one of them is how to scan from hp printer through Apple Mac :

  • First of all connect the Printer to Mac device with the help of Ethernet cable or USB cable.
  • Select the multi function printer to Ethernet or wireless network to make sure that it is configured on same network in order to how to scan from hp printer to mac yosemite
  • Click on Next and choose preferences and then choose view and print scan .
  • Click on the plus icon and below the printer pane and the printer.
  • Once printer been attached, click on the simplified scanner interface.
  • Place the item to be scan on the scanner bed.
  • Open image capture by clicking launchpad in the dock and typing capture in the search field.
  • By default scanner will scan to the system default page size such as US letter and scan the whole page.
  • Choose where to save the scan image from the “ scan Too ” : pop up menu.
  • Save those images at your preferred location and click on Scan to Scan.

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